October 28, 2019

The general assumptions about AGING is yet another social construct to challenge.

I’m not going to deny the gradual yet obvious symptoms of aging.

But there’s plenty of research to prove that your mindset about aging can noticeably add or subtract years to how you look and feel.

The common expectations and general beliefs about aging influence our physical and mental health. As soon as we see the semblance of some signature signs of aging, “it’s all downhill from here.” Right?


What about when the oldest person in the room has more energy than some teenagers I know, or does yoga better than the majority of regulars at my yoga class, and looks considerably younger than they “should” without any cosmetic enhancements?

This is largely because they refused to let their age sabotage their mindset.

And neither should you.

Be only as old as you feel.

October 21, 2019

How much is too much anger?
Seems like the answer would be, any anger is too much anger.
And that may be so, if it looks like the anger that is irrational, overbearing and full of wrath.
But how about the anger that addresses an injustice?
Well that sounds a lot like having an opinion and standing up for it.
Why then does getting angry and being confrontational as a result sometimes leave us with a sense of guilt. Like maybe we, dare I say, “overreacted” ? Even if we didn’t raise our voice and made reasonable requests?
Might it have something to do with being a woman?
Often when women react angrily, however justified, we might be considered “such a bitch” or even worse dismissed as “emotional”. But Last I checked anger is an emotion both men and women have and men don’t seem to be looked down on as out of control, and needing to “calm down” if they are similarly assertive. Instead they are considered strong, determined and confident. This isn't yet another opportunity to bash men, rath...

October 19, 2019

How to love or be loved...

Skip the 2 cent 1950s 2 cents on the do’s and don’ts of loving and take a cue from the babe on the left; find many of your answers by taking a close look at yourself.

L o o k inward.

Be honest with yourself.

Learn about what has made you excel and what has limited you. Ask yourself what you can improve on, and what you should relax about. What you should embrace and what you should drop. Look for recurring themes, good and bad.

Get comfortable with your “reflection”.

Learn to recognize your personal do’s and don’ts.

Use this clarity, not just at your next date or in your relationship, but better yet, in every-single-thing you do.


LA Mistinguette Studios 

October 14, 2019

Studio: R Studio

La Mistinguette Studios

October 13, 2019

Bob Kane who created the femme fatale known as “Catwoman” was inspired by his cousin as well as by 1930s film star Jean Harlow as she “seemed to personify feminine pulchritude at its most sensuous.” Kane and Co-Batman-creator Bill Finger introduced “the cat” to appeal to female readers and give their comic a little more sex appeal with a “friendly foe who committed crimes but was also a romantic interest in Batman’s rather sterile life”. Kane and Finger chose a cat vibe villain since cats to them were “kind of the antithesis of bats” and her intriguing yet taunting chess game-like behavior resembles their belief that “cats are as hard to understand as women are”. Kane’s reasonings for his character development does not stop there. Kane also goes on to explain, “You always need to keep women at arms length. We don’t want anyone taking over our souls, and women have a habit of doing that. So there’s a love-resentment thing with women.”.

I’m not sure if I’m pissed or proud.

October 12, 2019

“Why not make progress your most important product? The I-can-do-better philosophy works magic. When you ask yourself, “How can I do better?” Your creative power is switched on and ways for doing things better suggest themselves.”

- David J. Schwartz

The Magic of Thinking Big

October 10, 2019

Attitude is everything.

I know, you’ve heard that before, ..that we can turn a failure or problem into an opportunity or stepping stone for success, just by having, well, a positive attitude.
Whereas with a negative attitude, a failure or problem can spiral into more of the same.
This positive or negative attitude thing, is largely recognized by the way you THINK about it.

But, you can also change your attitude by changing the way you ACT about it.
Yes, of course, you’ve heard that too, ..the whole - if you force yourself to smile you’ll actually feel happier or stand up straight you’ll feel more confident whereas if you grimace you feel bothered and if you slouch you’ll feel uncertain.

And yes, yes, they are related;
Having a positive attitude will probably make you smile more,
and if you smile more, you’ll have a more positive attitude.

Although this may be rather common knowledge, I’d nonetheless like to remind you to actively persuade your thoughts into a positive direction, and make...

October 6, 2019

I found this beauty 5 years ago and she has been residing in the front studio oh so elegantly ever since.
When I got her, I was told by the store owner that there is a male figure whom she is supposed to be paired with.

Well, although I have yet to find her counterpart, it’s nice to know he’s out there somewhere. 💘

To those of you that are as stone cold patient as she,
do create boundaries based on your experiences, but don’t create limitations because of them.

Your experiences are valuable lessons for your own personal growth and insight,
do treat them as examples of what, how and who you want and don’t want.
But if you’re constantly living in the past;
reminiscing of a love of the past and/or aka torturing yourself with a heartbreak of the past, you are in essence focusing on a particular amount of love given or shared at one period of time and that may be limiting your love and your ability to give love and receive love.

Instead, if you can focus your thoughts of love energy to...

October 5, 2019

Observe yourself, observe your breath, your thoughts, your reactions.
Observe the people around you,
observe the world around you and every detail in between.
Become an observation expert.
Make eye contact. Listen. Learn. Share. Connect.
Occupy your space. Don't just take up space.
Experience your space, don’t just rush through it.

La Mistinguette Studio NOHO Arts District

October 4, 2019

“It takes a long time to be a diva. I mean, you gotta work at it.” -Diana Ross

La Mistinguette Studios NOHO Arts District

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