November 25, 2019

“When we work with love we renew the spirit;

that renewal is an act of self-love, it nurtures our growth.
It’s not what you do but how you do it.”

All About Love by Bell Hooks

November 11, 2019

“The intuition is the voice of the heart that will tell me what I have to do.”

- Isabel Allende

Featured in the motion picture 'The Power of the Heart'

November 4, 2019

You know a really big ego when you see one.
I’d hate to have something in common with such a jerk, nor insinuate that you do,
but unfortunately so can each of our own personal egos be pretty
cringe worthy and unpleasant.

It may not be exhibited so bluntly and flagrantly as the “big ego” that we can so easily identify in public,
but whether you want it there or not, our own jerk ego is still very much existent.
You know, that voice in your head that second guesses decisions? That cares what people think and needs validation? It brings
up old hurtful memories and gives you reasons to worry about the future? This voice can also be blindingly protective, overly defensive,
and as mentioned earlier, rather offensive.
Yeah, that’s your "own worst critic", your very own bully and it will control and limit you with fear and dissatisfaction as long as you let it.

So, practice intellectual humility, and put that jerk in check.

To combat this unwanted, unhelpful and uninvited over-thinking adve...

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