December 22, 2019

To say Josephine Baker is an inspiration, is an understatement. Which is why the Jazz era symbol and icon, French resistance agent and civil rights activists' images can be found throughout La Mistinguette Studios.

December 15, 2019

"What you exhibit outwardly, you are inwardly.

You are the product of your own thought.

What you believe yourself to be, you are." 

p. 21 The Magic of Believing by Claude M. Bristol

October 13, 2019

Bob Kane who created the femme fatale known as “Catwoman” was inspired by his cousin as well as by 1930s film star Jean Harlow as she “seemed to personify feminine pulchritude at its most sensuous.” Kane and Co-Batman-creator Bill Finger introduced “the cat” to appeal to female readers and give their comic a little more sex appeal with a “friendly foe who committed crimes but was also a romantic interest in Batman’s rather sterile life”. Kane and Finger chose a cat vibe villain since cats to them were “kind of the antithesis of bats” and her intriguing yet taunting chess game-like behavior resembles their belief that “cats are as hard to understand as women are”. Kane’s reasonings for his character development does not stop there. Kane also goes on to explain, “You always need to keep women at arms length. We don’t want anyone taking over our souls, and women have a habit of doing that. So there’s a love-resentment thing with women.”.

I’m not sure if I’m pissed or proud.

October 10, 2019

Attitude is everything.

I know, you’ve heard that before, ..that we can turn a failure or problem into an opportunity or stepping stone for success, just by having, well, a positive attitude.
Whereas with a negative attitude, a failure or problem can spiral into more of the same.
This positive or negative attitude thing, is largely recognized by the way you THINK about it.

But, you can also change your attitude by changing the way you ACT about it.
Yes, of course, you’ve heard that too, ..the whole - if you force yourself to smile you’ll actually feel happier or stand up straight you’ll feel more confident whereas if you grimace you feel bothered and if you slouch you’ll feel uncertain.

And yes, yes, they are related;
Having a positive attitude will probably make you smile more,
and if you smile more, you’ll have a more positive attitude.

Although this may be rather common knowledge, I’d nonetheless like to remind you to actively persuade your thoughts into a positive direction, and make...

June 6, 2019

Studio: Rachael Grace

La Mistinguette Studios N. Hollywood Arts District 

June 4, 2019

Studio: Rachael Grace

La Mistinguette Studios N. Hollywood Arts District 

June 2, 2019

Shared workspace, La Mistinguette Studios N. Hollywood Arts District 

November 28, 2018

Studio: Studio Orange salon by Emily Hafele

LA Mistinguette Studios N. Hollywood Arts District

November 28, 2018

“Ars Gratia Artis” / “Art for arts sake”
The MGM motto


LA Mistinguette Studios N. Hollywood Arts District

September 25, 2018

Studio: R Studio

Photo: Damaged Goods Pictures

La Mistinguette Studios N. Hollywood 

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