December 8, 2019

Threading is hair removal with the use of cotton thread. By twisting the thread to make small loops and then rolling it over the skin while pulled tightly essentially creates a tension that wraps around the hair and plucks it out. Like waxing, many hairs can be taken at a time and like tweezing one hair in particular can be removed. But being able to achieve both tasks, removing many hairs and isolating one, with one tool is not the only advantage threading has over waxing and tweezing. Threading can pick up hairs that both waxing and tweezing often cannot. Waxing sometimes misses baby fine hairs, very short and/or very stubborn hairs. Baby fine hairs and very short hairs can also be a challenge for tweezers. However, threading can remove all of the above very successfully. Threading does not require using any pre or post products as is suggested and ideal for waxing. Threading is also the most hygienic of the three options since a new piece of thread is used for each person and then d...

June 7, 2019

Studio: The brow designer Kat Kass 

La Mistinguette Studios N. Hollywood Arts District

May 21, 2019

LA Mistinguette Studios is a work place for professionals that are so passionate they take risks, take chances, take leaps of faith, in their skills, in their craft, in their passion, to share it with others. 

Examples of passion can even be found in the furniture. Antique barber chairs were the very first purchase for LA Mistinguette in 2013.
The man they were purchased from, was no doubt passionate about barber chairs.
He filled his home, his backyard and garage, with barber chairs and pieces of barber chairs. One by one he brought barber chairs back to life, adding missing pieces and reupholstering them. His drive to acquire, accumulate and organize barber chair pieces, and his ability to restore these chairs, was so inspiring and impressive. 

A couple beat up chairs were chosen for LA Mistinguette, and he went to work. Finding the missing pieces, making sure all the functions worked, and reupholstering to the color of choice. 

Aside from the super cool look of these chairs, it wa...

November 30, 2018

Threading is thee most efficient method of epilation.
Threading picks up hairs that often waxing or tweezing cannot. Coarse stubborn hairs, very short/close the the skin hairs and baby fine peach fuzz too. 

LA Mistinguette Studios N. Hollywood Arts District

Studio: @thebrowdesignerkat

November 19, 2018

Studio: Kat Kass

Photo: Damaged Good Pictures

La Mistinguette Studios N. Hollywood

July 18, 2018

La Mistinguette N. Hollywood Arts District

Studio: Kat Kass

Photo: Damaged Goods Pictures

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