June 4, 2019

The hallway at LA Mistinguette is lined with frames displaying black and white photography. Each of these frames were either purchased second hand or reused from a previous location. Local thrift stores were frequented for about a week on the way to and from other errands in order to accumulate black frames in various sizes. By the end of the week, ones that were simply a good fit even if they weren’t black were purchased as well, and then painted black instead.

LA Mistinguette Studios N. Hollywood Arts District

December 12, 2018

There happens to be A LOT of wall hooks here at La Mistinguette and with the exception of three hooks, every single hook (and makeshift hook like this one right here) was previously used. In fact almost all the hardware here at LA Mistinguette was previously used and many are antiques. Most the hardware was purchased locally in North Hollywood, at Ricks Hardware on Lankershim. Check them out next time you are in need of any hardware.

La Mistinguette Studios

November 27, 2018

Not only are glass cups and mugs available to use as opposed to plastic or paper cups, but every single one of these glasses are second-hand finds. These have been a part of LA Mistinguette for 6 years but have been around much longer, some maybe even 70 years or more.

It is interesting to see many of these very same designs being replicated as new merchandise yet these already exist, are in perfect condition, are easily cleaned/sanitized and safe to say are likely less than a fraction of the price.

But even if they were more expensive,

I believe it’s worth the difference.

So I’d like to encourage you, not only to Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle, but to Reconsider where you choose to shop when the option permits.

LA Mistinguette Studios N. Hollywood Arts District

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