19in x 19in 


This product is so versatile! Use it as a bandana to accessorize your hair, hide your hair, as a neck scarf and a mask. Or use as napkins at home or a travel napkin with a to-go lunch. Among many other potential creative and eco-conscious uses. 


Find La Mistinguette on Instagram to let us know how you prefer to use this product. We'd love to know and share your message and insight. 


These Bandanas are unique and one-of-a-kind as they are made from repurposed fabric. Since this product is made from used and/or vintage fabrics, the design on each item may vary and there may be some light wear or imperfections. 


La Mistinguette specilaizes in vintage, second hand and repurposed fashion, jewelry, beauty accessories and home goods.


At La Mistinguette we don't just love the styles and quality of designs of the past, we also believe in reducing, reusing, repurposing and recycling with the goal to protect the environment as much as possible. In the effort to minimize waste, nearly all packaging for delivery are used, recycled or environmentally considerate materials.


Thank you for being part of the solution by choosing used and/or repurposed items. 


Red & Pink Rose Headscarf Neck Scarf

Color: Roses