Hair-colorist bts

There is SO much more to achieving beautiful hair-color results than simply choosing from a swatch book or magazine image.

Successfully achieving a desired hair-color starts with..

identifying the starting hair-color,

addressing whether the starting hair-color is natural or previously colored,

hair texture must be considered

overall health of the hair too,

length of hair,

area to be colored and technique to be used.

All of which are crucial in determining not only which color, lightener or toner to choose, but which developer to use, as well as processing time with or without heat, for the best most accurate results.

A hair-color expert is the result of an in depth understanding of the potential outcomes of various and inumerable combinations in hair biology and quality, hair-color products and the chemistry, color theory and of course lots of experience.

These images are just a peek into the color lab of a truly talented hair-color stylist / hair-color artist; Emily Hafele of Studio Orange.

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