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Naming things manages to provide an additional creative life to something,

just by defining it with words, giving it a title.

I named this wall in 2013, without hesitation, “The Badass and the Beautiful”.

It’s likely that it seems self explanatory, but this wall is so much more than the notably badass and beautiful women and the recognition of their successful careers following their passions and pursuing their dreams, living fully, as performers and artists. They are, indeed, badass and beautiful. But, equally badass and beautiful, is the capturing of these moments in time. Each of these photographs are a work of art. They are subtly detailed and heavily descriptive of a story worth telling, imagining and fantasizing about. Even without any color, they glow with glamour. The composition is so simple yet elaborate. The modeling/the poses and expressions, the lightening, the decor, textures, fashion, hairstyles and makeup, is an impressive display of creativity, balance and artistry. And of course the element of suspense and then elation involved in the process of awaiting and discovering the final outcome when the photograph is finally developed and adored. Magical moments in the making of art and telling her-story. Badass, and beautiful.

LA Mistinguette Studios N. Hollywood Arts District

The Hallway at La Mistinguette Studios which is lined with back and white photography from the early 1900's until the 60s

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