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Stone Cold Patient

Image of a art peice of a dancer

I found this beauty 5 years ago and she has been residing in the front studio oh so elegantly ever since. When I got her, I was told by the store owner that there is a male figure whom she is supposed to be paired with. Well, although I have yet to find her counterpart, it’s nice to know he’s out there somewhere. 💘 To those of you that are as stone cold patient as she, do create boundaries based on your experiences, but don’t create limitations because of them. Your experiences are valuable lessons for your own personal growth and insight, do treat them as examples of what, how and who you want and don’t want. But if you’re constantly living in the past; reminiscing of a love of the past and/or aka torturing yourself with a heartbreak of the past, you are in essence focusing on a particular amount of love given or shared at one period of time and that may be limiting your love and your ability to give love and receive love. Instead, if you can focus your thoughts of love energy to that of the present (most importantly) and of the future, your love is infinite and limitless. Keep doing you beautiful, keep doing YOU. 💛

Sincerely, A heartbroken hopeful in love with love

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