A photo of many pins and two read clearly, "un-fuck-with-able" and "I love you"

Attitude is everything.

I know, you’ve heard that before, ..that we can turn a failure or problem into an opportunity or stepping stone for success, just by having, well, a positive attitude. Whereas with a negative attitude, a failure or problem can spiral into more of the same. This positive or negative attitude thing, is largely recognized by the way you THINK about it.

But, you can also change your attitude by changing the way you ACT about it. Yes, of course, you’ve heard that too, ..the whole - if you force yourself to smile you’ll actually feel happier or stand up straight you’ll feel more confident whereas if you grimace you feel bothered and if you slouch you’ll feel uncertain.

And yes, yes, they are related; Having a positive attitude will probably make you smile more, and if you smile more, you’ll have a more positive attitude.

Although this may be rather common knowledge, I’d nonetheless like to remind you to actively persuade your thoughts into a positive direction, and make your body language represent how you’d like to feel even despite how you really feel.

So, .. Pull your shoulders back. Stop grinding your teeth, flex those smile muscles. Take full breaths as opposed to those super nearly nonexistent shallow ones. Exhale without a concerning (to anyone within feet of you) sigh. Focus your eyes on the main objective. Pick up your pace, and don’t trip on the unimportant stuff.

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