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Get Angry

How much is too much anger? Seems like the answer would be, any anger is too much anger. And that may be so, if it looks like the anger that is irrational, overbearing and full of wrath. But how about the anger that addresses an injustice? Well that sounds a lot like having an opinion and standing up for it. Why then does getting angry and being confrontational as a result sometimes leave us with a sense of guilt. Like maybe we, dare I say, “overreacted” ? Even if we didn’t raise our voice and made reasonable requests? Might it have something to do with being a woman? Often when women react angrily, however justified, we might be considered “such a bitch” or even worse dismissed as “emotional”. But Last I checked anger is an emotion both men and women have and men don’t seem to be looked down on as out of control, and needing to “calm down” if they are similarly assertive. Instead they are considered strong, determined and confident. This isn't yet another opportunity to bash men, rather this is encouragement for women to get angry and show it. There are few things that cannot be resolved easily. And therefor keeping things in perspective is crucial. But there is nothing to be ashamed about for standing up for yourself. The opposite would be acceptance of being taken advantage of and suppression of what your feeling. Aka "bottling it all up" and I’m sure I don’t have to explain what kind of emotionally bitchy wreck that might result in. This is by no means justification to be volatile or hurtful at your will. This is a recognition that anger is a defense mechanism and is appropriate to use in your protection. Getting angry means you are not indifferent. That you feel passionate about something. And addressing and expressing that anger means you have a voice and you use it. Calmly and sincerely, Unapologetically angry when necessary

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