Over-thinking Adversary

November 4, 2019

You know a really big ego when you see one.
I’d hate to have something in common with such a jerk, nor insinuate that you do,
but unfortunately so can each of our own personal egos be pretty
cringe worthy and unpleasant.

It may not be exhibited so bluntly and flagrantly as the “big ego” that we can so easily identify in public,
but whether you want it there or not, our own jerk ego is still very much existent.
You know, that voice in your head that second guesses decisions? That cares what people think and needs validation? It brings
up old hurtful memories and gives you reasons to worry about the future? This voice can also be blindingly protective, overly defensive,
and as mentioned earlier, rather offensive.
Yeah, that’s your "own worst critic", your very own bully and it will control and limit you with fear and dissatisfaction as long as you let it.

So, practice intellectual humility, and put that jerk in check.

To combat this unwanted, unhelpful and uninvited over-thinking adversary;
Recognize it. Choose not to believe it nor be inlfuenced by it.
Identify and deactivate what commonly triggers it.
Don't let it taunt you with anxiety inducing trips down memory lane or
the debilitating potentiality of disastrous drama by making peace with
what was and what will be.

Achieve this by actively staying present.

You know, that mindfulness thing you’ve been hearing so much about.

If you pay close attention to your thoughts, you will find it is common that you are either thinking of the past or future. The alternative to this mental time travel, would look more like the moments you are deeply immersed in a project, a book, an activity, a gathering or event which is often thrilling. Sure all moments in the present are not so pleasant to be in, but the sooner you experience them in the now, the better.
Start becoming aware of where your thoughts go and if you see this to be true, (that your thoughts are either in the past or future at all times) and bring yourself to the time period you are actually in and supposed to be in, the present. Watch how much more perceptive you will be about your surroundings (your environment, the people around you) and yourself, how much more appreciative you might find yourself being and as a result much more happy in general.

Quiet this subtle yet overwhelming distraction and see your life improve.

Try it out. Risk free. If it does not help you, drop the mindful tip, 100% mean ego back guarantee.


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