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More Effective, Less Wasteful

Close up of eyebrow threading

Threading is hair removal with the use of cotton thread. By twisting the thread to make small loops and then rolling it over the skin while pulled tightly essentially creates a tension that wraps around the hair and plucks it out. Like waxing, many hairs can be taken at a time and like tweezing one hair in particular can be removed. But being able to achieve both tasks, removing many hairs and isolating one, with one tool is not the only advantage threading has over waxing and tweezing. Threading can pick up hairs that both waxing and tweezing often cannot. Waxing sometimes misses baby fine hairs, very short and/or very stubborn hairs. Baby fine hairs and very short hairs can also be a challenge for tweezers. However, threading can remove all of the above very successfully. Threading does not require using any pre or post products as is suggested and ideal for waxing. Threading is also the most hygienic of the three options since a new piece of thread is used for each person and then disposed of. And for the reasons of not needing pre or post products, nor needing to clean implements or throw away single use items it produces the least amount of waste.

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