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Garden of Eden

I've felt the pain of heartache.

The heartache from betrayal. The heartache from the death of a friend. From a loved one suffering with a disease. The heartache from a loved one spending time in jail. Of the loss of a pet. The heartache of disappointment. Of fear and worry. Of failure. Of heartbreak, spirit-break and outright despair.

Yet despite the heavy, often debilitating, “what is the point of life?” type of pain these have the potential to induce, these heartaches heal. Or at least progress in that direction. Even if only gradually.

But the heartaches that I have yet to find any solace for, the one that feels like a gaping wound with little opportunity to heal due to incessant reasons to stay that way, is the pain I feel when seeing the maltreatment of the earth [its resources and its inhabitants] by humans and the maltreatment of humans by humans.

This is the garden of Eden.

And you are your brother’s keeper.

Act like it.

** Although those last lines have a religious reference, it is not meant to insinuate a religious preference. Rather, a reminder that a 2000 year old book of history and human behavior, like many others of its kind, has unfortunately yet to inspire its teachings to even its devout followers. When will the repeating cycle of hate and destruction end? 💔 To be the change, ask yourself, “What am I doing or will I do today and everyday to change this pattern?” ❤️

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