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Like a Phoenix..

Hello friends, thank you so much, I very much appreciate the supportive messages and hopeful inquiries that I have been getting, especially as businesses begin to reopen in anticipation for La Mistinguette Studios North Hollywood to reopen as well. However, La Mi NOHO will not be reopening.

Even though this would mean the end of La Mistinguette Studios in NOHO, this is not the end for La Mistinguette. Rather, I like to think of it as a new beginning and an opportunity for change.

New beginnings, although can often come with sadness or disappointments and/or challenges, they are also very exciting. And as many of you know, I embrace change, maybe a little too curiously. But change gives birth to new perspective, new creative ideas and as a result of the new experience(s), more information and knowledge to make improvements and evolve and grow. It is for this reason, I am very excited for La Mistinguette.

I will continue to promote all that is representative of La Mistinguette here @la_mistinguette and on as well as will continue to provide beauty services, and vintage and repurposed fashion and home decor.

I am also very excited to see each of the businesses that previously called La Mi NOHO home to their businesses, take this as a new beginning, make changes and grow. Many of which are already providing their service and/or products at new locations and/or existing locations. Reach out directly to them to get more info. Please feel free to message me if you need help locating anyone.

Thank you to everyone who helped make La Mi NOHO a beautiful and special experience and community.

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