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Night Butterfly

The Night Butterfly. Determined and full of faith, the moth is reliant on sensory perception and inner knowing to navigate through darkness.

The moth is my reminder to re-center. To honor my instincts and my intuition. To be driven by purpose while balancing time and energy. Motivated by contributions to the collective more than personal achievement. Not fatally determined like a “moth to the flame”. Rather, whole-heartedly and hope-fully focused and involved. Not influenced by the ego or societal norms, but by passion and potential.

For me the sight of a moth is either a nudge to dig deeper and align more with personal desires and purpose or it affirms I am on the aligned path. I always know at that moment which one it is. If you listen with your heart, I know you will too. Life teachers and guiders are all around us. Even by a brief visit of an insect.

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