Purchase Power

Not long ago, questioning what was in the products you applied to your body or ingested was not so intricately investigated. But now, even the largest companies, the ones with the big magazine ads, easily found in your local drug store for generations, made the switch to offering conscientious, cruelty free, paraben free products. Those companies didn’t do that on their own initiative.

They did that because the consumers became educated on, for example, the importance of using a body lotion on our largest organ (our skin) with quality ingredients, and began to choose better products for themselves and their families.

They also did that to be competitive with the natural alternatives that were taking away sales.

YOU bought the better product, and the market shifted.

Now lets persuade big companies to not only use better ingredients, but provide them in packaging and containers that are better for the planet too.

It may not feel like how the product you buy today/how you spend your money today, will have any affect on the waste problem and plastic in our ocean for example. But it will. Granted it will take time to make a complete switch to nearly all plastic free, but start today. Start with your next replacement purchase. Don’t assume companies will do the “right thing” on their own. Some may. But most won’t until it’s clear to them what the consumers want. And then they will adjust. Show them just as you did with expecting better ingredients, that you expect more eco friendly and sustainable options too.

Choose products in reusable containers, in easily compostable/biodegradable containers, and in (actually recyclable) recyclable containers. While your at it, choose products made locally. And Choose companies that are transparent about how their products are made and where their products are coming from.

You CAN influence the market with your purchase power.

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