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Notes from a Climate Victory Garden

by Louise Maher-Johnson

via All We Can Save @allwecansave

Rebalance: Greenhouse gases with photosynthesis.

Recognize: Plants cool by evaporation, groundcover, shade, and precipitation.

Replant: Lawns with victory Gardens, as in world war past.

Regenerate: Bio diverse farms with trees-flowers-herbs-pasture-animals.

Restore: Carbon out of air and back into soil‘s, where it belongs.

Replace: Industrial monocultures with regenerative permaculture.

Revisit: Food production by many small farms, not a few megafarms.

Reject: Fossil fuel-based pesticides, plastics, and propaganda.

Rethink: Healthy ecosystems and economies for all life.

Re-localize: Slow food, slow lifestyles, and slow economies.

Rekindle: Simple and good, nature and nurture, feeling over thinking.

Refeel: Kinship with pivoting sunflowers and starry fire flies.

Revive: Wilderness, Woodlands, wetlands, wildlife, waterways.

Reestablish: Health of bees, butterflies, birds, bats, beetles.

Respect: Work of insects, both pollinating and recomposing life.

Remember: Everything is connected. Everyone lives down stream and downwind.

Reimagine: deep conservation, cooperation, and community.

Rebalance: Nature knows. Mimic her. Sense her. Be her.

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